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Provocative, juicy, with a flery red color and a size that is reminiscent of ...cherry, Anydro tomato is undoubtedly the most talked about among the local products of Santorini. Whatever form you try -sundried, sweet or paste- its sure, that the organic tomato of Santorini will conquer you totally.

Biological Tomato from Santorini

Anydro, has three products. Sundried Tomato, Sweet Tomato and Tomato Paste. Our products are biological under the certification of the Greek Biological Institution and has also HACCP certificate.

Tomato Paste

Biologiacal Tomato Paste from Santorini, triple concentration

Sundried Tomato

Sundried Tomato is a special starter or the perfect “meze” (:greek tapas) with ouzo or tsipouro. It can be your secret flavour in unique salads and many other recipes.

Sweet Tomato

Sweet Tomato is a traditional greek sweet to come with greek coffee and yogourt, or your desert after a nice dinner.
FInd out about ANYDRO and the production of organic cherry tomato in Santorini from the past to present